What's "in season" at the Kyoto Pavilion? Visit here to view the latest updates, seasonal tidbits, as well as Hi-Band Internet projects.

Now, there's more to show you, more event listings, more seasonal information than ever before! Find out what's "in" and "on" in Kyoto right NOW, at a glance.

Live coverage of festivals, concert broadcasts these are just a couple of the Hi-Band Internet projects that we've got in store for you. Check out the future look of the Net at various hands-on Hi-Band spots which have been setup throughout Kyoto City and Kyoto Prefecture. *Not all information will be viewable at your home.

Wanted! Visual and audio material concerning Kyoto: scenery, sounds, festivals, events, arts, traditional crafts things which capture the essence of Japanese culture. What's eventually assembled here can be downloaded for use in your own pages!

A compilation of ads and commercials which use Kyoto in their backgrounds, as well as ads and commercials created by Kyoto companies. An internet time machine that illustrates the changing face of popular culture.

Introducing contemporary Kyoto art and artists, as well as examples of Kyoto folkcraft. Feel the energy pulsating beneath the refined sense of beauty which has made Kyoto culture!

A comprehensive list of links to Kyoto companies ranging from traditional Nishijin silk-weavers to high-tech manufacturers. Homepages of newspapers and cultural organizations, too. A visit here will clue you in to what's happening in present-day Kyoto.

Kyoto Pavilion aims to be an information exchange created by everyone and in which anyone can play a part. In keeping with that concept, here you'll find a variety of announcements, notices, and messages.

Have you ever wondered what the Net will be like in the future? Here are some places in Kyoto Prefecture and elsewhere in Japan where you can find out for yourself what Hi-Band is all about. Technical info on Hi-Band is available here, too.

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Kyoto Celebrates More than 1,200 Years Since its Founding...
"Live" information is presented here for people who want to Enjoy Kyoto!

This page present information on shopping, centering around individual retail stores and mail-order opportunities.
Current plans are to focus on Kyoto specialties, whether they be general commodities, souvenirs, fashion items, or furniture and fixtures.

Information is presented here on research, experiments, surveys, etc., conducted by Kyoto's elementary, middle and high-schools, colleges and universities, vocational schools, museums and research institutes.