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The end of the year 1996 is coming closer now. At this time every year, people celebrate Christmas in many countries in the world.
Bright illumination on the trees, fantastic Christmas songs on the streets... Celebrating Chrismas is also common in many countries in Asia.
Of course, there wasn't this kind of custom originally in Asia. There may some people who don't have a custom to celebrate Christmas. There are many many children in Asia, however, who are really excited about this holy event! For you who are looking foword of Chrismas, and even for you who aren't, let us offer some information on how people in Asia celebrate Chrismas. You might find a wonderful Christmas that you've never even thought of!

This week's Special (PART 1)
Christmas Cards from Asia

How do people spend Christmas in Asia?
Let's focus on Asian Christmas according to the messages we recieved from Asian countries.

This week's Special (PART 2)
Christmas in Chinatown

Cool Christmas Sites in the World

The Editors' Notes [Ending AIP 1996]

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